January 25, 2012


I called it best friend
They're my new best friend
We met and work together at Hijab Style Community (HSC) Bandung
So happy met both of them
Love you girls
Hope our friendship last forever
*kiss hug


my outfits :
top // Omara
wide leg pants // Such! by Suchi Utami
wedges // Zara
shawl // Mango

January 15, 2012

Daily Outfits : When Plain Meet Pattern

I got this abstract top from my grandma. Actually it's my grandma's top. Hahaha
I love the color, brown. And the pattern. so vintage. 
This lovely wide leg pants I got it from Such by Suchi. So comfy, the off white color is so versatile. It can mix and match with pattern or plain top. 
When you wear plain top, you can try mix it with pattern shawl. 

top // grandma's
wide leg pants // Such by Suchi
shoes // urban outfitters
necklace // topshop

top // Omara
wide leg pants // Such by Suchi
flower shawl // Mango
shoes // Rotelli
Bag // Mango

Daily Outfits : Pink-Tosca

Feeling bored with no color? try this color combination. Sweet ;)

Azzurra, Sip and Dine

Azzura is one of my favorite resto in PVJ Bandung. I love the foods, the drinks, the cakes, the welcome snacks (hahaha) and I love the place. The atmosphere is like I'm on the ship. Here some photos when I ate at Azzura yesterday.

Chocolate Lava Cake.
I love the bitter of chocolate mixed with the sweet of vanilla ice cream and the sour of strawberry. yummy :9

Ice Tea.

Hot Plate Seafood (mixed) served with 3 different sauces, mix salad and french fries.
How about the taste? so delicious.. I'm a seafood lover

If you go there, don't forget to try Rustica and Spaghetti spicy seafood. 
The taste is very very very good. :)

actually, all the foods, beverages, cakes at Azzura is delicious for me. hahaha

January 13, 2012

Style Captured : I Heart Batik

Batik Wide Leg Pants // Niks
Top // Zara
Wedges // Charles & Keith
Tie Dye Cotton Shawl // Kami idea
Flowe Brooch // Phoebe and Chloe

Style Captured : Black! Oh Black!

Maxi Dress // Billabong
Sunglasses // Dolce Gabanna

Location : Ujung Genteng
Photo by : Raden Adi

Daily Outfits : Jump Jump Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit // riamiranda
Tie Dye Shawl // kami idea
Shoes // Gosh

Photo by : Zahnaz Bekti
Edited by me

Daily Outfits : Love Maroon!

top // Zysku Xena
pants // Mango
Shoes // Gosh
Cotton Shawl // Zysku Xena

Photo by : Zahnaz Bekti
Edited by me

Daily Outfits : Fresh Orange

top // Zara trf
pants // Promod
Scarf // Mango
Shoes // Gosh

Photo by : Zahnaz Bekti
Edited by me

January 08, 2012

Dieng Plateu

Hi readers! it's been a long time I did't post anything on my blog. Happy new year. *it is so late. haha

in this post, I want to share some photos of my short trip to Dieng Plateu on 2nd-4th December with Geotrek Indonesia Community

New experience. New stories. New friends. New knowledge

golden sunrise from the peak of sikunir hill

khas dieng

kompleks candi arjuna

sudut dieng

telaga warna

new friends

with my bestfriend, Rini

ride odong-odong for the 1st time

the peak of sikunir hill

candi bima-kompleks candi arjuna-kawah sikidang

children who playing football in the fog-kompleks candi arjuna

Thank's Geotrek Indonesia for the trip

some photos I grab from Bang Ridwan Hutagalung's Facebook

wanna know about Geotrek Indonesia? just click here