February 19, 2012

Style Captured : Playsuit

Grey and Black? Grey and Blue?
Try this : Grey and Dusty Pink. Sweet.

Jumpsuit // Fayola Jumpsuit by Mainland Heritage
Shawl // Kami Idea
Inner // Shafira
Sandal // Everbest
Belt // Urban Outfitters
Bag // New York

Location : San Gria Resort and Spa
Photo by Raden Adi 

February 15, 2012

Style Captured : Purple and Yellow

My Outfits :
Dress // Zysku Xena
Cardigan // Dian Pelangi
Shawl // Mango
Inner Scarf // Unbranded
Shoes // TLTSN

HSC 1st Anniversary-Hijab and Beauty Class by Wardah and Suci Utami

On January 29th 2012, we celebrate HSC Indonesia 1st anniversary.
We held hijab and beauty class by Wardah and Suci Utami.
The event held at Shasmira Moslem Factory Outlet.

The Cake

Wardah Booth

Beauty Class

 Me and friends, HSC Bandung Committee, Suci Utami, Elma Theana. Here we are.....

from left-right: maris-me-windy-gita-elma theana-teh herna-utty

with Suci Utami

Teh Shofa-Me-Novia

Style Captured : Green

Top // Zara TRF
Bottom // Sukira Pants by Aluyya
Scarf // Aluyya
Inner Scarf // Such! by Suchi Utami
Wedges // Charles and Keith

Photo by Raden Adi

February 08, 2012

Graduation Day

Yesterday I attended my BF and my best friends graduation day at Grha Sanusi Unpad. 
Congratulation you guys. I'm happy for you..

For every ending, there's a new beginning
For every memory, there's a dream ahead
Brighter days just waiting for you
So dream your dreams
And start it now
To make them all come true

Congratulation dear Adi, Rini, Ayu, Yulia

A brand new start,
A new beginning,
A new life,
Make it a successful one!
Happy Graduation.

Love, Naya

me and adi

sofie and rini



me and yulia

me and ayu


me and rini


my outfits:
dress // Mulle
inner // Mulle
shawl // unbranded
inner scarf // Such! by Suchi
Shoes // VNC

February 07, 2012

Style Captured : Unusual

Why unusual? Because the color combination of my outfit is unusual, I think. Tosca and milo. 
I never imagine how to mix that colors before. But, this outer made it.
I got this sweet outer from Zysku Xena. It named "Two color batwing cape-cardi". 
 I love how the colors mixed well and the fabrics is very comfortable. 

Outer // Zysku Xena
Pants // Mango
Shawl // Unbranded
Inner Scarf // Such! by Suchi Utami
Wedges // VNC

Photo by Zahnaz Bekti